Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Not been here for many, many sleeps. Been too busy living my life, chewing things πŸ‘žπŸ‘Ÿwalkies, running (not as fast as I used to) digging, barking, playing 🎾⚽️ and my favourite  ........eatingπŸ–πŸ—πŸπŸ²πŸ§€πŸŒ­.
Me and Dad still live happily together. Mum and Little Female moved a long way away hundreds of sleeps ago, but I still get to see Little Female πŸ‘§πŸ½ (she not so little anymoreπŸ‘©πŸ½) Dad says its a few times a year but I just see it as now and again in between a lot of sleeps.
I guess I've become what Dad says "a little old man" think that's why I have funny aches and pains that I don't remember having when I was a pup 🐢 not as slim and fit as I used to be but still going strong for my age according to another Big Male, think his name is Mr Vet, we go to visit him now and again, we go in a room with a cold table in it and Dad stands me on it for Mr Vet to look at me, don't like Mr Vets house πŸ₯ it smells funny.
Will try to figure out how to put newer pic of my handsome self on here as soon as I can, sure Dad has one somewhere.
Little female is coming to visit again soon, really looking forward to seeing her again. Going to cover her in big sloppy licks.πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦πŸ‘…πŸ’¦
Yawn.....that's all for now, I need a nap before my dinner πŸ–.

Saturday, 1 January 2011


Mum and Little Female don't live here any more, they left back in 2010.
I'm sad they went but I still have Big Male, I call him Dad now.
We have lots of play fights, I always win!
Sometimes Dad has ended up with bite marks and scratches but I'm only playing, he started it!!!
It's just that being such a Big Male he plays quite rough, so, I do too!

I do get to see Little Female now and again when she comes to see Dad, and, the odd time when Dad walks me to their flat to pick up Little Female, I get to see Mum, but it's not that often.

I still get up to my naughty tricks, Little Female tells Mum all about it after her visits.

The latest one Little Female told Mum about was a good un, well I enjoyed it (he, he).

Dad had left a big pack of frozen mince on the kitchen window ledge to defrost for his evening meal.

Well, I just couldn't resist!........What's a hungry little lad to do?

I sat for a while working out how I could get up to the ledge when I noticed Dad had left a chair in the kitchen.
Hmmmmmmm! Mwa, ha, haaar!.
I'm pretty good at jumping so thought I'd give it a try.
Up onto the chair, then from the chair I jumped as high as I could (bit tricky, almost landed in the kitchen sink!).


It was a bit hard going what with it still being frozen but I have good strong teeth.
I devoured the whole thing, frozen mince complete with plastic tray and wrapping!


Dad wasn't too happy when he returned home that evening, he shouted words I hadn't heard before (I think they might have been naughty words?).

Don't know what he got so upset about, he didn't need open any dog food that night and he ended up enjoying a nice takeaway!

That's all for now folks......BURP!

I'll try to keep you updated on any other of my little exploits when I can.

Cold slobbery kisses

Friday, 31 December 2010


Doggy Lick

Here is a big sloppy kiss to all my visitors!
Love from Max


My name is Max (Mad Max the Mighty Mutt) although Azzitizz my owner calls me lots of other things! My blog is all about me and my exploits and if you have noticed, is the colour of mud as that it what I am usually covered in, as is the furniture and humans of my new home.
I am only eight months old and Azzy and her family rescued me from Manchester Dogs Home where I lived for a few months in a cramped little concreted room with just a viewing window for the humans to look through, I shared this room with two much bigger dogs who used to fight and bark all the time, I didn't like it. I think my original owner got a new job and had to move away so they had to leave me behind, I was sad that nobody wanted me. I couldn't understand why, as I am such a good little lad (and of course sooooo handsome!).

I would watch the humans every day as they came round looking at us all and hoped each time it would be me. I'd jump about, wagging my tail and barking "Hello" as did all the others. I used to bark out "Give me a chance, I'll be really good!" but they would just look at me then carry on walking.
Then one day about three weeks ago, three humans stopped at my window, there were two big ones, a male and a female and a smaller female one, at first I didn't get too excited as I thought they would walk away like all the others, or that they were looking at the other two in there with me, but then I noticed the little one pointing........pointing right at me!
Next thing I knew, the human from the home put a rope round my neck and took me out to meet them, I didn't want to get my hopes up but couldn't help myself from jumping all over them and kissing them, they were smiling and laughing, then the female human said "Okey, kokey, we'll take him". Did she mean it? Really? They want me? Whoooohooooo!

They bought me a new collar, lead, name tag, food bowls, food, chewy sticks and a couple of squeaky toys then we got into something they called 'a taxi', I sat nice and quiet on the older female's knee to show her how good I could be and just watched out the window. Inside I was both excited and scared because I didn't know where I was going, but it HAD to be better than the Dog's Home. We travelled for quite a long time until we arrived at a house, the older female told me this was my new home. They do! They really do want me! They opened the door and let me run all round, up and down the stairs, in and out of every room, having a real good sniff about, I have to admit at this point, I peed and pooed on the carpet in one of their bedrooms (think I got a bit too excited!).
I cowered waiting to be hit, I knew what I had done was wrong........but the female just said "Aw! What have you done you naughty little thing!" and then she cleaned it up. She took my poo outside and put it on grass in the back garden and said "Good Boy!" (Oh, that's where I'm supposed to do it!) Wow, I didn't know there was a garden! Guess this is where I need to do it from now on.

Anyway, that's it for now, I HAVE A NEW HOME!.... I HAVE A NEW FAMILY!.... I AM LOVED!
I will be posting about all the silly, funny, everyday things I get up to, hope you enjoy reading about them.

Love Max.
One happy little lad.


Well, into my fourth week with my new family and I am loving it! I remember the people in the dog's home telling my new family that I only eat dried food, one cup in the morning and one at night.
Guess what?... Azzy didn't listen (Whooohoooo!) I'm eating things like chicken, pork, steak and mince, she only uses the dried food as snacks after we have been out for our long walks twice a day, it's fantastic!

I'm being really good but sometimes I get a little cheeky. I got a sharp tap on the nose this morning for chewing and ripping the bottom corner of the suite but Azzy only tapped and said "NO!", Now I know not to do that again. Guess I shouldn't keep taking all my toys in the garden and should leave some inside to play with.

Talking about the garden, it was very nice when I arrived, lots of plants and a green grassy lawn but now it seems to have turned into churned up muddy soil instead of grass, I have no idea how that happened? It couldn't be me charging round in circles, scratching and digging could it? Naw!
There is lots to play with in my garden, I found little female's 'hula hoop' that was great fun for a while although it is now little female's 'hula little bits of plastic all over the place' and I found an inner tube for big male's bike, that was great fun ripping into little teeny strips of rubber and loads of little flower pots to chew, I'm having a great time!
I pulled some lattice fencing down to chuck about, pinch stones from round the plants and throw them about and have removed the squirty gun bit from the end of the hose pipe, (that was great fun!) I keep taking rocks, stones, snails and bits of fencing in the house for Azzy but she just takes it off me and throws it back outside?????

We have great fun on our walks, I play with my best friend 'Tess' and get to meet all the other dogs in the area who, of course, are ALL my friends, as are any cats, birds and humans I meet along the way so I try to jump up and play with every one of them, sometimes they will play with me but some won't, Azzy seems to know which will play and allows me to approach them or let them to come to me.

I am being taught not to run into the road and to sit at the kerb until the road is clear and not to drag Azzy all over the place, but to walk at her side.
I'm a good lad and like her to be pleased with me so do as I am told for the most part, sometimes though I forget and she shouts "NO", I cower a bit at this as I am sorry but I know she won't hit me. I know I will get better and better as I learn more and I know we are one great big happy family, I love it here!

This is my signature on one of Azzy's chairs.

That's all for now, I'm due my second walk of the day to get little female from school.
Until next time.......Woof!

Wednesday, 31 December 2008


I knew it! I knew it!
There is no way my Mum Azzy could be mad at me for long.

She has told Big Male that even though her knee hurts, she will continue taking me on my hour long morning and afternoon walks to and from school every weekday so long as I don't pull too much and hurt her, but she will not walk me on weekends as she wants to rest her leg, so she has told Big Male to walk me weekends. Big Males walks are too short and its only been once this weekend so I may bite him on the bum, I haven't decided yet!

Mum says I have been really good this past week since Little Female returned to school, I haven't been pulling as much and I am starting to listen to her more when she says 'stop' or gives me the command 'cross' when we can cross the road.
I learned my lesson when she got hurt real bad through my dragging her round all over the place
and because of my bad habit, I always lunge at other dogs and cats, so she had to stop taking me out for a long time until her knee was better. Now I try real hard to be good and that means I get my two walks a day.


Mighty Max


Look at the magazine cover my Mum made for me on her blog.
Hey, I look real gooooood! Handsome or what?
She told me to tell you that you can click on the MagMyPic link below it and make one up yourself, she said it's great fun.

Hey guess what.....I have been getting better and better lately, Mum (Azzy) says she is proud of me, I can walk better to heel and don't drag her about as much so she hasn't been getting too much pain in her dickie knee so will take me on longer walks now.
I still drag Big Male all over because his walks, when eventually he gives in to my wining and crying and jumping on him, are much too short, we only walk for about ten minutes!
I like to jump up and bite him now and again because I am higher up in the pack than him, I don't do it to hurt but it puts him in his place!
He gets really annoyed and asks Mum why I do it, she just smiles and tells him he is lower in rank to me due to him treating me like his ickle baby, he goo-goos at me and puts on this silly baby voice instead treating me like a dog, he gives me treats constantly even when I have been naughty and the silly human even gets off his chair, lets me up on it and then he sits on the floor!!!!
He never diciplines me and allows me to do whatever I want whenever I want, so there is no respect.

Mum has been watching 'Dog Whisperer' with that Cesar Millan human, on our new freeview box (she got it in a sale so it only cost £15.99 that is about $8 or so and now we can get lots of new channels) and she is learning how to train me properly, she has become the Alpha female and pack leader.
I get off the furniture at the click of her fingers, I mostly walk to heel and I ignore dogs and cats in the street now, all she needs to sort out is getting me to stop wrecking the house, shoes, clothes or anything else I can get hold of when she leaves the house for more than five minutes.
She said once she has managed that, I will then be a fantastic dog! Almost there!

Uggs and Lix

Friday, 22 August 2008


Think Azzy is really annoyed with me.
Can't think what it's about?
It can't be anything to do with me smashing her ornament to smithereens, eating one of her best new sandals, totally destroying quite a few of Little Females toys and ripping out the inside of Big Males shoes then scattering every little bit of my handy work over the carpet all around the house can it?
Well, it serves her right!
She actually went out without ME!
She dared to go out to lunch!
She bopped me on the bum with what was left of her new sandal and shouted at me that I had been bad but I have no idea why, so I just went and found it again and carried on ripping it to shreads.
She wasn't happy I did it when she was out, and then she wasn't happy that I did it again when she was sat right in front of me???? Is there no pleasing this woman?!
I know I must have done something wrong but Big Male kept cuddling me and telling me I wasn't bad and that I was a good boy???? Azzy shouted at him too! She said I won't learn if one of them is telling me off and the other is telling me I am being good.
Azzy said she thinks next time she will hit Big Male with the sandal instead!
I know I'm making a joke about it but Azzy seems really upset about it.

Love Munching Max.

Monday, 11 August 2008


Whoo hooo! Mum and Little Female came home today, I thought I must have done something to upset them as they went away with clothes in big bags, I thought they had left me!
Don't know where they have been, it feels like they have been gone for ages, I'm so glad they came back.

I've been kissing them, jumping all over them and bringing my toys so they can play with me and I've followed Azzy wherever she went today, even in the loo! (Restroom, bathroom, toilet, W.C. Whatever? You humans have too many names for things!)

I've been curled up at her feet for the past few hours while she caught up reading everyones blogs and writing her latest post about something called sumaset?

I had a good sniff at the bags as soon as they got them through the door, to see if they had brought me anything. He, he, I got doggie chocs, that's ok then, they can go away again if they like!

I really missed them, it's been strange while they were away, I spent my days with Big Male tied to his chair at a place he calls work. I was very good and lay quiet most of the time but it was really boring! Now Azzy is back we will go back to our normal routine of my daily walks or should I say daily drags! With Azzy's Lil'Sis and Tess my bestest friend, she's a pretty German Shepard.

Even though I'm solid, thick set, very strong and sometimes clumsy (OK, not just sometimes, a lot of the time!) and Tess is a delicate, slim and elegant lady, we get on really well.
Here is a pic of Tess, she was a rescue dog too! Doesn't she look pretty in her new coat she got for Christmas? Here's another pic of me too!
Slavers and licks.

Saturday, 19 July 2008


Guess who slipped their harness the other day - Me, Mighty Max the Magnificent!

Just call me Houdini.

I figured out if I back out of it slowly, bend my head down and lift each leg, it comes off and I can do it without anyone noticing!!

I took the opportunity while Azzy was bending down and occupied picking up my poopie, to slowly back out of it, sneak off and make my break for freedom, off I went straight across the road! Luckily no traffic was about at the time but some teenagers from the school tricked me into going to them for a cuddle and they grabbed me and held me tight until Azzy could get across and get my harness back on, she hadn't even noticed I had gone and still held tight onto the other end of the lead (leash)!!!

I have done this three times now, once with Neeza in the park and once at school with Azzy (the school time was my first attempt and Azzy only thought it had happened because I was rolling on my back in the mud and it came off accidently, little did she know I was working out my escape plan!)
Now Azzy has tightened it a lot so my escape plans have been thwarted.
(Azzy says - I didn't want him to be uncomfortable so had allowed it to be slack on him until this happened but now, hard luck matey, you're going nowhere, no chance!)

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

Slobbery licks


Wednesday, 11 June 2008


It was my Birthday yesterday! I'm one year old!

I got the present from Val like she had promised, it's great! The drinking section is attached to the bottle, you only have to open it, tip it upside down and Ta Daah! Lovely water!

It has come in really handy already as the weather has been hot again this week and my tongue gets a little dry when it drags along the floor!

Azzy got me a great big ham bone so I spent most of the day lay in the sun in the back garden merrily chewing away.

She had also got me a chocolate fudge cake (actually I think that was more for her and Little'Un and she was just using my Birthday as an excuse to eat cake, as she told me it wasn't very good for me to be eating chocolate! )

Mind you, she did allow me a little piece and some cakey leftover crumbs after I had eaten my dinner. Yum!

When is it Christmas?

Slavers and licks to you all.
Love from Max

Sunday, 8 June 2008


Whoopeee! I got a new harness and lead today.

I had almost chewed through my other lead as it was only sort of nylon but this new one has a big silver chain so I can't chew through it, although I keep trying to jump up and chew the leather strap that Azzy holds!

My old harness wasn't very good as it was all in one long piece threaded through a metal buckle so if I pulled too much it would either tighten round my chest or round my neck and Azzy was constantly having to stop and slacken it.

This new one is good and solid and it's padded!

I like it a lot better as it doesn't get tight when I do pull but I must admit I am walking to heel a lot better now, it's only when I see other dogs or cats that I pull.

It's my Birthday next Tuesday, I will be one year old, the ladies at school have already said they will get me a present. I know Val (the lady who gave me the enormous bones from the butchers) has already said she has got me a special drinking bottle, Azzy had been saying she needed one. It is one of those that has a fold out drinking section already attached rather than her having to carry both a bottle and a bowl.

I heard Azzy tell Little Female she is going to do the same as she used to do with Sally her last dog, she is going to wrap my presents and let me unwrap them myself! Yipeee!

It seems she did that with Sally from when she was little and Sally used to love her Birthday and Christmas, she would get so excited at all the presents and couldn't wait to be given hers so she could rip them open and play with the toys or eat the treats inside!

Can't wait for next Tuesday!!!

Friday, 23 May 2008


I just LOVE going to school with Little Female, I've made loads and loads of friends, I know most of the dogs in the area now and I love all the kids, they all know me, play with me and stroke me every morning.
Azzy keeps me on the lead though as if she let me off to run round with them (which I am dying to do!) she says I would end up knocking them over by jumping up at them. I get a bit too giddy sometimes and am too heavy and clumsy, It's not fat though! It's all muscle!

Two of my older friends we see there are a lady called Dot, she always brings me bickies and treats and the other lady is Val, she turned up the other day with two great big bones she had got from the butcher.

Val has a little dog herself but it seems she couldn't resist buying these bones just for me, I can only show pics of one of them as I have already eaten the other! (It was a great big knuckle one).
Big Male complained to Azzy about giving me a raw bone, he thinks it will make me poorly but Azzy said "He's a dog, dogs eat bones, anyway I don't have anything big enough to cook it in!"
Big Male also complained about my breath smelling of raw meat and fat, maybe I shouldn't have burped right in his face when I jumped up to say hello when he came home from work!!!
Azzy thanked Val and told her it had kept me lovely and quiet for six whole hours. I had lay in the back garden all day with it. Yum! I must admit I tried three times to bring it in and lie on the carpet to have a good chew but Azzy just pointed to the garden and said in a stern voice "Outside!" and being the good little lad that I am, that's where I took it.
I only came back in at three o'clock when she called me for our walk to school to pick up Little Female. Of course I dragged them both back as fast so I could to get back out in the garden and to my lovely bone!

Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Well, we have been having fantastic weather for the past couple of days, it's really hot.

I'm not to keen on it being this hot, my tongue almost drags on the ground! Azzy makes sure she brings a bottle of water and a bowl so I can stop every so often for a drink though, she is loving this weather because I'm too hot and tired to bother dragging her around and am just plodding along slowly to heel, she keeps saying 'heel' and 'good boy', she says that by the time Summer is over, I will be perfect at walking to heel.

Azzy wasn't too pleased today, not due to me, due to people who litter.

She has had to cut a lot of hair off round my bum area due to some person dropping chewing gum on the pavement (sidewalk) outside the shop.
Yuk! it was all melty and sticky because of the heat and I went and sat in it! I didn't know! I'm a dog! Well, now I'm a dog with a bare bum! Cheeky!
I didn't much like her messing round that end of me and kept trying to see what she was doing, it ended up in a wrestling match again but Azzy won and pinned me down until she had finished.
Can't see what it looks like, just hope the other dogs don't laugh at me, I have my macho butch image to uphold!

Well folks, that's what happened in Max's world today, hope it rains tomorrow!

Love Max.

Saturday, 3 May 2008


Think I had better slow down a bit, I've hurt my back leg.
I ran too fast down the stairs and ended up tumbling down the last few.
It's not too bad but I'm limping a bit at the moment, Azzy says I need to slow down and take care as she can't afford the Vet if I really hurt myself, so she is trying to make me walk slower and keep me calm.

She has told Little Female and all the neighbourhood kids to stop winding me up so much coz I get over excited and don't look where I am going.
That happened the other day too, I was out walking to school with Little Female and Azzy when I noticed another dog across the road and didn't watch where I was going - I walked straight into a lamppost!!! I've done this with walls, street signs and even people coming the other way!

I'm getting stronger physically by the day and am just walking muscle now!
If I want to go one way and Azzy the other, guess who wins? Yep, ME! Although sometimes she manages to drag me the way she wants to go.

Hey, guess what I've started doing? Cocking my leg to have a pee!!! Whooohooo, I'm getting to be a big boy now and not squatting anymore (well, not as often). I started by practicing on a little bush by the road on the way to school and the other day I managed a big red post box! Still a bit wobbly but will get the hang of it eventually. Dead chuffed with myself I am!

That's all for now, going to stretch out on the sofa and have a nice snooze.
Love Max.

Monday, 7 April 2008


Awwwww No! Guess what I did today?........I got caught being naughty!

Azzy was upstairs on the computer, she had left the back door open so I could run in and out whenever I felt like it but I got a bit bored just running about and playing with my usual toys, so I decided to dig up the garden. I did a smashing great big hole at the side of the path, good and deep (quite proud of it actually!) but it looked a bit empty so I came back in the house to see what I could bury in it and decided one of the cushions off her suite would do perfectly, so I buried it in the hole, I thought I did a real good job but I don't think I covered it well enough because she spotted it!

WOW!!!! Face like thunder!!!! Didn't know she could go THAT colour!!!!

She must have fell out with me for a while because every time I pushed my muzzle into her hands and licked her, she pulled away, I realised that what I had done must have been really naughty so I spent the rest of the day curled up near her feet everytime she sat down and followed her to every room she went to, she said it was like having a permanent shadow?
Eventually, my constant soppy sad eyes, and keeping my ears and tail down must have got to her because after the cushion was clean again, she sat down to have a cup of tea and scratched me behind my ears. Yipeeee! I leapt on her and covered her in kisses, this made her laugh so I guess she has forgiven me and we are friends again.

Got to remember what is mine and what is hers in future!

That's all for today, going out to play now.

Loads of tail wags,
Love Max

Sunday, 30 March 2008


Arrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh! Found out what 'bath' means today.
Azzy (giggling!) picked me up and plonked me in what she calls 'the bath', she turned on the shower and soaked me with water, she then covered me in something called 'shampoo'. Little Female found all this hilarious!
HEY!!!! This isn't how Mad Max the mighty macho mutt should smell!!!!! I smell like a GIRL!!!

Azzy had kept calling me 'stinky' over the past few weeks.
What's wrong with that? I love being stinky! I'm a big butch dog!

What a fantastic time I had, I kept jumping out of the bath and shaking myself so Azzy and Little Female got as wet as I was, so did the floor and walls, ha, ha! Unfortunately, Azzy was just as quick to pick me up and stick me back in the water again. What a great game.
I tried my 'poor little wet pup' look on her (you know, ears down, tail between my legs, big sad eyes, the works!) but it didn't work!

Finally after what seemed like hours and gallons of water, she said "OK, I think you are clean now" and wrapped me in a big fluffy towel and gave me a good rub over, this part of the game was also loads of fun, I kept biting and playing 'tug' with the towel while we slid round the bathroom floor in all the water.
Little Female had been with us all this time and I had hoped she would save me but she was laughing all the time and actually joined in, she helped shower me to get the shampoo off, traitor!

Once Azzy had decided I was dry enough to open the bathroom door, I ran downstairs and went mental running round the lounge, on and off the furniture, grabbing at the towel every time I ran past Little Female who was still laughing!

I asked to go out but Azzy read my mind and wouldn't let me out into the lovely muddy garden, all I wanted to do was lie in the mud and rub it all over me. So here I am, shiny coat, very clean and smelling girly! Just wait until she opens that back door! Grrrrrrrr!

Next time I hear the word 'bath' they are going to have a job to catch me first!!!!!

Love Max

Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Amazing! I actually got my walk with Big Male and Little Female, I had a fantastic time, I dragged Big Male all around the town just like I do with Azzy, he keeps going on about how strong I am! He, he! That's why Azzy nicknamed me 'Mighty Max'. I have dragged her for miles and miles over the past five or six weeks.

I came home absolutely filthy as per usual, soaking wet belly (due to short legs) and covered in my favorite stuff Azzy calls mud! The best thing I enjoy is finding something really icky and stinky and rolling in it, he, he! Azzy keeps telling me she is going to give me a bath soon (when she can afford doggie shampoo coz she said human stuff is bad for my skin) don't know what a bath is but I bet it will be fun!

I have started getting really brave lately, this is MY house and I am going to guard it! When I bark, I sound as big as a Rottweiller, I have a really deep voice. The thing that gives it away, is if Azzy goes out the door without me, I howl like a baby!

Poor Azzy hasn't been anywhere without me in tow since I arrived, she said she is going to show me that if she goes out, she WILL come back, by leaving the house and standing in the garden where I can't see her for a few minutes then coming back in, she said she will do that as many times as needed, extending the time she is gone until I realise she hasn't deserted me completely and it's OK for her to go somewhere without me as she will be back and that I'm fine here on my own for a while.

I may just get a bit upset at this and destroy something in the house if she takes too long though!
Maybe a chair? maybe the sofa? It depends, there could be something else interesting that I find lying around, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we? Mwa, ha, harrrr!
Usually, it's Big Males trainers (sport/running shoes), serves him right really, Azzy is always telling him not to leave them where I can get hold of them!

Been having loads of wrestling matches with Little Female this past week as she is off school for Easter holidays so we have been playing together every day. If I growl at her, she just growls back, she knows I would never bite her, anyway, Azzy is always there watching to make sure she doesn't hurt me and I don't hurt her.
My favorite game with Little Female is 'hide and seek', she throws a ball down the lounge and into the kitchen then runs upstairs to hide, I go mad, barking and running after her, it's not too often she can make it to a hiding place before I catch her, she is always laughing too much to run fast enough!

I almost forgot, I have been taught to sit, stay, get down (that's Azzy's favorite coz as soon as she gets up to make a drink or anything, I pinch her seat!), fetch and leave, I'm a quick learner (could have a lot to do with the doggy choc buttons I get as a reward for getting it right I think).

Anyway, that's the latest news. Sloppy kisses and muddy pawprints to you all.

Love Max

Sunday, 23 March 2008


What has happened??? I woke this morning at 5am to see everywhere covered in cold white stuff!

Azzy took me downstairs for my morning piddle, I didn't want to go out at first, I couldn't understand what had happened but Azzy stepped out onto the white stuff and told me it was OK to do the same, I took a few steps, it was very cold! I licked at the white stuff and got some on my nose, he, he! This was fun! We didn't stay out long though and came back in the nice warm house so Azzy could have a cup of tea.

After her tea, Azzy went upstairs and woke Little Female and told her to look out the window, Phew! What a noise she made! Woopeeee-ing and laughing! Guess this white stuff is something good.
They then got dressed and me and Little Female had a play in the back garden, Azzy took photos. Then we went in the front garden and Little Female and Azzy made an Easter Snowbunny. (GO TO AZZY'S BLOG TO SEE THE EASTER SNOWBUNNY)

What a great day it has been up to now and it is only 7.30am.

Big Male had said he would take me on a long walk today (but that was yesterday before the white stuff appeared, bet I don't get my walk now! I'll let you know).

Love Max

Monday, 17 March 2008


Wow, Azzy is feeling much better today.

What a great time I had this morning, Azzy had already said she was feeling fitter since I have come along due to all the walks but this morning was brilliant, I didn't know she could run!!

Seems Little female forgot that she had homework in her bag and forgot she needed to take a hard boiled egg to school to decorate for Easter so that made us late.

We really did do a school RUN!

It was fantastic, my tongue was hanging out and flapping about all over the place (so was Azzy's!), if I could laugh, I would have been having hysterics.
We only went to school and back though, we didn't carry on with the extra hour's walk with my mate Tess as Azzy had to get back just as fast as she had a lady coming round to value the house.

The walk usually takes about forty five minutes to and from school, this morning we made it in twenty five minutes, hope we do it again! It was great fun!
Don't think Azzy wants to do that too often though, she collapsed in a heap when we got home!
I just wanted to carry on the fun, so I raced round and round the lounge bouncing on and off all the furniture until she got the message and finally crawled to the back door and left it open so I could charge in and out and play with all my toys, she is a quick learner and I think I'm training her well so far!

After my mad fit, running in and out covered in mud, I got really tired so snuggled up on the muddy sofa and had a snooze. Azzy doesn't mind the mud on her furniture as I heard her saying that someone is giving her their leather suite soon so she is going to get rid of this one.
Ooooh, I love it here!!!!!

Love Max


Big male is supposed to take me for my walks at weekend as Azzy says so due to her taking me out twice a day during the week. Up to now he has taken me to the local shop and back!

He took me out this weekend for a longer walk while my poor Azzy was ill in bed, it was funny to hear him telling her when he got back that he couldn't believe how such a small dog was able to drag him all over the place, (Azzy already knew this!) I may be small! But I'm strong!

I have spent a lot of the weekend curled up at Azzy's feet on the bed as I knew she was poorly and needed me to look after her, I got lots of cuddles off her and now and again we would have a nap. Hope she get's better for our weekday walks to and from school and all around the town!
I keep covering her in kisses to try to make her better.

Love Max

Saturday, 15 March 2008


Oh no! Guess what I did today? Awwwwwww! What a naughty lad I was!

I piddled on the bed!!!! Azzy was busy on the computer doing what she calls something like 'sortin out her fynansizz', big male was out and little female was playing in the other bedroom when.......I got the urge!...... I couldn't help it, it all happened so fast!....... I just had to go!

I whimpered after I had done it to say sorry (that's how they found out what I had done, as Azzy jumped up and came running in the room to see what was wrong) I hung my head drooped my ears and wagged really slowly to show how sorry I was, I waited for a smack or something then ran under the computer desk to hide, but no smack came, Azzy just stood there with her hands on her hips looking cross, she said it was her own fault for being on the computer so long and not checking if I needed to go out as I am only a pup and haven't yet learned to bark to be let out.

Phew! I really thought I would be in for it this time! I stayed hidden under the computer desk while Azzy stripped the bed and stuck everything in this big white thing she calls 'the washer', after a while I crawled out and followed her downstairs, I put my head on her lap and licked her hand, she gave me a big hug, scratched behind my ears and told me it wasn't my fault but it was still a naughty thing to do.
I jumped up onto the back of the sofa licked her ear and snuggled up beside her head, guess these humans REALLY do love me to not go mad over something like THAT!

Well, that was todays naughty doings, I will keep you informed of all my other mishaps or achievements as a pup growing up.

Big Sloppy Kisses.